Agricultural Research Development Agency : Thailand

Thai agribusiness is internationally renowned for the dynamics and efficiency of its agricultural production and Agricultural innovation or นวัตกรรม ทางการเกษตร. It is notorious the feat that Thailand has accomplished in the course of the last half century, as a result of technological improvements in production processes. Agribusiness has been in surplus for decades in its trade with the outside world, even when other sectors of the economy have deficits.

The transformations that gave rise to this praise began in the 1970s and were characterized by significant public investments in agricultural research, used, to a large extent, to train researchers or นักวิจัย abroad and to build advanced agriculture or เกษตรก้าวไกล research centers gave rise to technological developments that changed the way of farming in Thailand. The most important achievement in that decade was the creation of Agricultural Research Development Agency and in its surroundings, the establishment of research centers focused on products, thematic centers and ecoregional centers, strategically located in the heart land of the country.

As a result of these investments, technologies appropriate for the Thai reality were developed, particularly those adapted to tropical conditions. The development of Rice varieties or พันธุ์ข้าว, now feasible to be cultivated throughout the national territory, is a good example of these advances that have made food production grow and making food cheaper. Even so, most citizens do not list these events as a result of applying the knowledge generated by the research.

As a rule, ordinary people know little about science and technology, but recognize its importance, although they are more aware of its usefulness in the development of electronic equipment and medicines and hardly believe that scientific knowledge helps in food production and  กรอบงานวิจัย or Research framework, even those who think that investing money in agricultural research would not be a good investment. The continuous growth of Thai agricultural production has proved the opposite, that is, investment in research generates technologies that support the improvement and increase in production. As a consequence, it provides improved food and income for the entire population, through greater availability of cheap and quality food.

Possibly, to increase society’s understanding of the need to increase and expand technological developments, it will be necessary to invest in basic education to deepen the notion that science is the basis of all innovation and is present in all aspects of our life.